by Martine Ah Heng


A crispy addition to parfaits and desserts

Our wattleseed and 6 seed crackers are a great addition to breakfast parfaits or desserts. Layer fresh fruit, yoghurt and our crisp crackers for an impressive and delicious dish. 

Perfect for lunch on the go

Spice up school and work lunches by adding a handful of crackers to a selection of fresh vegetables and fruit. Don't forget to add some dip too!

A healthy and creative substitute

Our crackers can be used as a healthier substitute in recipes that call for croutons, commercial crackers or chips. Try adding the crackers to salads or crumble on top of soup. 

Add crunch to salads

Our crackers are oven baked for a healthy crunch and are perfect to add to salads for a boost of flavour and to add texture.